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Starting in 1977, ProMold-Gauer has grown to become an industry leader in the manufacturing of custom designed plastic molds and dies for the plastics and rubber industries. Some of the industries we serve are the electrical, medical, automotive, aerospace, household products, commercial products and agricultural Plastic Moldindustries. Our goal is to establish long-term “vendor partnerships” with our customers and to continually build and strengthen those partnerships. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, we want to not only meet but exceed our customer’s expectations. Throughout the years ProMold-Gauer has garnered a reputation for cutting-edge technology, old-fashioned values, and a commitment to our customers that is hard to find in the industry today. By implementing lean manufacturing along with lights out and unattended machining, we have advanced our plastic mold making capabilities to a level that is truly state-of-the-art. With all the resources in house from design and development, through complete manufacture, ProMold-Gauer has the ability to control the quality and the delivery of your product. Because of these resources and advancements, we are able to offer the accelerated deliveries and reduced pricing our customers have come to expect from an industry leader. To learn more about our company, we encourage you to look at the company we keep-you’ll discover that the reputations of our clients say a great deal about the level of quality you can come to expect from ProMold-Gauer Inc.

Complete Machinery List

CNC Horizontal Boring Mill Machines

plastic injection mold

(2) Kuraki KBH16 – 12,000 RPM spindle; 7.8″ spindle size; X=78″, Y=59″, Z=51″, W=15″ travel; rotary table size 55″X 62″; 35.0 HP; cat 50 holders; 36-station tool changer; 700 PSI through the spindle flushing; 14300 lbs. table load.

Kuraki KBT11WDX – 2,500 RPM spindle; 4.6″ spindle size; X=78″, Y=59″, Z=57″, W=19″ travel; rotary table size 55″X 62″; 35.0 HP; cat 50 holders; 40-station tool changer; 14300 lbs. table load.

Kuraki KBT11WDX – 3,000 RPM spindle; 4.6″ spindle size; X=78″, Y=59″, Z=57″, W=19″ travel; rotary table size 55″X 62″; 35.0 HP; cat 50 holders; 14300 lbs. table load

Kuraki KBT11W-A – 3,000 RPM spindle; 4.6″ spindle size; X=78″, Y=59″, Z=57″, W=15″ travel; rotary table size 55″X 62″; 35.0 HP; cat 50 holders; through the spindle flushing; 14300 lbs. table load.

Nomura HBM-TB-100WP – 48″ X 96″ Table; X=96″, Y=72″, Z=57″ travel; 1200RPM; 40HP

plastic mold | plastic molds

Mikron HSM 800 – High speed hard milling center; 42,000 RPM water cooled spindle; 1575 IPM cutting speed; X=31.5″, Y=23.6″, Z=19.2″ travel; ITNC 530 Heidenhain control; 18 station tool changer; Renishaw touch probe; Blum laser for tool qualification; 18.0 HP; HSK 40 holders; 2200lbs. table load; Programmable volumetric accuracy to .0002″.

Mori Seiki SVD-503 – 25,000 RPM spindle; 1000 IPM; X=31.5″, Y=18.0″, Z=20.0″ travel; cat 50 holders.

plastic mould

Okuma Howa Millac 852V – 6000 RPM spindle; X=80.0″, Y=33.5″, Z=29.5″ travel; Fanuc 16M control; 36-station tool changer; cat 50 holders; 5500 lbs. table load.

Okuma Howa 8VS-NC – 2000RPM spindle; 100 IPM; Fanuc 0-M control; X=59″, Y=32.2″, Z=23.6″ travel; 25 HP; cat 50 holders; 5500 lbs. table load.

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Okuma Howa 5V-NC – 2500 RPM spindle; 100 IPM; Fanuc M control; X=39.0″, Y=22.0″, Z=21.0″ travel; 20 HP; cat 50 holders; 3300 lbs. table load.

Bridgeport Series II Interact-2 Milling Machine – Heidenhein TNC-155 control; X=30″, Y=16″, Z=5″ travel; positioning accuracy of .0005.

(2) Manual Bridgeport Vertical Mills – Power feed; digital read outs; dividing heads; arbors; rotary tables; rotary heads; sin tables.

Charmille Roboform 40 – 4 axis CNC EDM Machining center, Programmable “C” axis (rotating spindle) and 24 station electrode changer; X=19.7″, Y=15.7″, Z=17.7″ travel, 128 amp power supply, 220 lb. head capacity and 2200 lb. table capacity, +/-.0002 tolerance.

plastic mould

Charmille Roboform 50 – 4 axis CNC EDM Machining center, Programmable “C” Axis (rotating spindle) and a 24 station electrode changer; X=23.5″, Y=16.0″, Z=17.7″ travel, 128 amp power supply, 220 lb. head capacity and 2200 table capacity, +/-.0002 tolerance.

Sparcatron CNC EDM – 300 amp power supply with 50″ X 130″ travel.

EDM Solutions CNC EDM – 300 amp power supply with 44″ X 80″ travel.

Small Bridgeport Type EDM – 128 amp ERM power supply.

OKK TRC-500 High Speed Graphite Milling Center – FANUC 16-M Control; 6-Station Tool Changer; X=19.7″, Y=15.7″, Z=11.8″ travel, 12,000 RPM spindle, positioning accuracy of .0002.

Plastic mold machine

Makino SNC-64 High Speed Graphite Milling Center – Fanuc Pro A control; 15-station tool changer; X=23″, Y=16″, Z=16″ travel, 20,000 RPM Spindle, positioning accuracy of .0002.

Bridgeport Series-2 EZ Track– 2 axis milling machine; EZ Track control; X=30″, Y=16″, Z=5″ travel; positioning accuracy .0005

Westhoff Horizontal Micro Flushing Drill

Charmilles Small Hole EDM – .01dia. to .19dia. size range; X=13.8″, Y=9.8″, Z=13.8″ travel, .0005 positioning accuracy.

Plastic mold equipment

(2) Charmilles Robofill 400 – with Fastcut; X=12.5″, Y=17.5″, Z=17″ travel, up to 55 deg. Taper, .0001 tolerance. 1763 lb. weight capacity.

imageCharmilles Robofill 310 – Programmable 5-Axis control; X=15.75″, Y=9.85″, Z=15.75″ travel, up to 30deg. Taper, .0001 Tolerance.

Nardini Fast Trace VS – CNC lathe; 440MM turning Diameter; 1000MM turning length; CNC Fanuc Series 20-T control; 52MM spindle bore; 220MM center height; 900KG workpiece weight.

Clausing Colchester – height of centers 7.67″; swing over bed 15.75″; swing over cross slide 9.75″; spindle bore 2.125″; 10HP.

South Bend Lathe – Swing over bed and saddle 10.125″; swing over cross slide 5.875″; distance between centers 30″; spindle bore 1.375″; cross slide travel 6.25″; spindle speeds 55-1400RPM.

(2) Dell OptiPlex 960 Minitower – Core2 Quad, 9550/2.83GHz12M, 1333FSB; 8.0GB, Non-ECC, 800MHz DDR 4X2GB; Integrated Video, GMA 4500, 250GB SATA 3.0Gb/s and 8MB Data Burst Cache

Dell Dimension 8300 – processor 80532, 3.2GHz; graphics card 128MB, NV34; 120G hard drive.

2 – Seats of Cimatron E9.0
2 – Seats of Pro-E rev 2001 & Wildfire
1 – Seat of Solid Works 2010
5 – Seats of Cadkey (KeyCreator)

(2) Dell Precision 490 Mini-Towers Quad Core Xeon Proc E5320 1.86 GHZ, 2X4MB L2 Cache 1066MHz, 4GB, DDR2 ECC SDRAM Memory 667MHz, nVidia, Quadro FX 3450, 256MB dual VGA or DVI, Graphics Card Dell Precision X90

Dell Precision WorkStation 470, Processor, 80546K, 3.2G, 2M, XNI 800, Dual In-Line Memory Module, 1G 400M, 128X72, 8, 240, 1RX4, Graphics Card,256, FX3450 MRGA12


2 – Seats of Cimatron E9.0
3 – Cimatron viewers out on the floor
2 – Seats of Mastercam Rev. 9
1 – Seat of Delcam Power Shape
2 – Seats of Delcam Power Mill
1 – 3 port multi-tasking DNC system, running on a Pentium 3


Shibaura – 10 Speeds, 1400RPM per feed, 12 steps (each feed range); rapid travel (all directions) 126″ per minute;
Spindle diameter 3.35″; spindle taper No. 50; rotation of table 1.2RPM; spindle travel 19.5″; headstock travel 39.4″; longitudinal travel 31.5″; table size 35.4″ X 41.3″; max table load of 5,500; retrofit for gun drill cat 50 max gun drill unit; hole sizes from .125 diameter to 1.00 diameter, up to 60″ deep.

(2) Okamoto – 6″ X 12″ manual surface grinder; SONY digital read out .0001 graduation.

Grand Rapids 370 – Capacity 12″ X 24″; maximum under wheel 20″; maximum table travel 29.5″; maximum cross table travel 13.25″; automatic cross travel; incremental down feed; power spindle elevation; coolant; 5 HP spindle motor.

Gallmeyer & Livingston 208 – Grinding capacity 8″ X 24″; maximum work height 12″; power longitudinal & cross table feeds; coolant; 2HP spindle motor.

KO Lee – 8″ cross feed; 20″ table traverse; 10.5″ vertical column travel.

D-M-E PPC 750 – Precision pin cut-off & grinding machine

Gage Master #BALYGXL-2000 Optical Comparator

Starret Pink Granite Surface Plates (inspected annually) with Mitutoyo Digi-Matic Height Gages .00005 Readout: .00002Resolution.

Multiple sets of Gage Blocks (steel and carbide); Gage pins; one-tenth graduation micrometers, calibrated annually; one-tenth graduation Mitutoyo indicators.

Plastic mold fitting machinr is for plastic mold | plastic molds fitting,this fitting job will make high quality molds

Reis 100 ton fitting press – 4′ X 5′; capable of shooting a wax shot

Reis 100 ton fitting press – 5′ X 6′; capable of shooting a wax shot

Miller Syncrowave 350 arc welder

90 deg. Rockwell Industrial hand grinders
Dotco Hand grinders
DME Profilers
UHT Microlap (turbolap) for engineered abrasives
Falcon 90 deg. #99 hand piece with 1/8 collet
Maxus pressure blaster for bead and sand blasting
Milwaukee heavy duty electromagnetic drill press
Rigid pipe threader-cutter

Cincinnati Monoset tool grinder
Covel tool grinder
Top Worth CM-2 tool grinder
Jones and Shipman tool grinder
Kqoming Supermax tool grinder

All above equipment will service the best quality plastic mould, plastic moldings and plastic parts

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