How to Keep Your Hair Straight

Tired of your curly hair? Want to avoid the hassles caused due to wavy hair? The solution is hair straightening. Hair straightening is a process of taming your curls into straight.

There are two ways to straighten your hair:

  • Chemical straightening: In chemical straightening, hair is straightened by using hair chemicals. Chemical straightening requires use of hair relaxer, neutralizer, petroleum cream, and shampoos, which are specially meant for hair straightening.
  • Heat straightening: Heat straightening or temporary straightening involves regular use of ceramic hair flat iron. There are different kinds of hair irons available in the market. Hair iron provides excessive heat to the hair, which can burn and damage your hair.
  • The steps involved in the process of heat straightening are: shampooing, conditioning, drying, and use of hair iron to straighten the hair. Use of good quality iron with ceramic plates is recommended, as it gives you better results as compared to hair iron with metal plates.

Chemical straightening is considered to be better than heat straightening as it lasts for a longer period and does not require use of heat. But lot of people face problems in keeping the hair straight, even after getting the hair straightened.

You can try following methods or tips to keep your hair straight, without going for hair straightening process:

  • Using Oil Moisturizer: Go for a oil moisturizer from a reputed company to condition your hair. After shampooing and conditioning, apply some Oil Moisturizer in your hair and scalp and then blow dry your hair thoroughly. Moisturizer should be used before blow drying your hair. Blow dryer with an attached comb may not take much time to finish the job of straightening. However, if you do not have a blow dryer, you can use comb or brush along with the dryer for the same effect.
  • Apply hair straightening cream or serum: There are many hair straightening iron products available in the market, which can help you to keep your hair straight. Hair straightener products are available in the form of cream, sprays, and serum and can be directly applied onto your hair. but be sure to use the best hair straightener for your hair will take care of your hair healthy, These best hair straightener products are more effective in comparison to blow dryers or flat iron. There are some hair-straightening creams available in the market, which can prevent your hair from frizzing and provide heat protection as well. These creams are extremely helpful for those, who are having curly hair and getting frizz hair due to adverse weather conditions.
  • Using hair serum and straightening spray: You can use a combination of hair serum, wind-down relaxing cream, and a straightening spray to straighten your hair. This product can be of great help to keep your hair straight. Best part is these products are not expensive and can keep your hair straightened for a longer period. You can also use a protective balm on your hair with straightening effect. The straightening balm that will suit your hair depends on your hair texture.
  • Wrap your hair during sleeping: Wrapping your hair at night helps you to keep it straight for a longer period. Hair should be wrapped in a circular way around your head. You can also use hair pins to keep your hair wrapped.

You can try either hair straightening process or any of the above-mentioned tips. Or you can one best hair straightener from Olayer hair straightener manufacturer to get wholesale price, olayer is a China hair straightener company that provide

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