Complete Bench Services

ProMold-Gauer has 6,000 square feet permanently allocated to polishing, assembly and inspection of plastic molds and plastic molding part, plastic parts and plastic components. Overhead cranes service the entire bench area, which has complete facilities for fitting, benching, piping and wiring. Our 20 ton crane can accommodate virtually any size mold as well as two 100 ton fitting presses to insure that shut offs are fit properly. In addition to our in house welding to assist with any repair needs, we also offer complete preventative maintenance programs. We have loading docks available for loading and unloading of all shipments.

plastic molds
plastic molds

Reis 100 ton fitting press – 4′ X 5′; capable of shooting
a wax shot

Reis 100 ton fitting press – 5′ X 6′; capable of shooting
a wax shot

South Bend Lathe – Swing over bed and saddle 10.125″;
swing over cross slide 5.875″; distance between c
enters 30″; spindle bore 1.375″; cross slide travel 6.25″;
spindle speeds 55-1400RPM.


KO Lee – 8″ cross feed; 20″ table traverse; 10.5″ vertical column travel.


Miller Syncrowave 350 arc welder


20 ton crane – services entire bench area.

Miscellaneus Tooling

90 deg. Rockwell Industrial hand grinders

Dotco Hand grinders

DME Profilers

UHT Microlap (turbolap) for engineered abrasives

Falcon 90 deg. #99 hand piece with 1/8 collet

Maxus pressure blaster for bead and sand blasting

Milwaukee heavy duty electromagnetic drill press

Rigid pipe threader-cutter

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