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Plastic Injection Molding In China

Plastic Injection Molding In China Plastic injection molding in China is at a high level of expertise in comparison with other Asian countries. Taiwan also has much better working conditions, environmental regulations and worker relations than most it’s neighbors. Government policies that have enabled the plastics industry to develop in a free-market manner. This has enabled […]

Plastic Injection Mold Making And Laser Machining

Plastic Injection Mold Making And Laser Machining The use of laser machining for making plastic injection mould has been available for years, but has only received limited acceptance. This is partly due to the uncertainty of the new technology and the cost of the machines. However, for the right application, laser machining is a very viable […]

EDM Supplies

EDM Supplies For WEDM And Sinker Electrical Discharge Machines EDM supplies are often overlooked in the rush to get things done in a precision machine shop, tool-and-die shop or Plastic injection mold making shop. This wastes both time and money, yet the solution is quite simple. Without the best EDM supplies, quality and production both […]

Aluminum Casting China

Aluminum Casting China Welcome to the Aluminum Die Casting resource . Here you’ll find over 540 of the webs top sites regarding aluminum casting China companies. By navigating through our alphabetical links you’ll discover numerous, helpful links pointing to sites solely related to aluminum casting worldwide. We’ve taken the time to research these sites so […]

How to make plastic injection mold

How to make plastic injection mold The process of making a plastic injection mould consist of determining what should be the size of the mold, designing the mold, ordering required materials for the design, creating a rough shape, heating the mold, precision machining, wire cutting, polishing and fitting and trial of the mold. Step 1: […]

Aluminum Die Castng

Aluminum Die Castng (1) malleable cast iron is a certain range of chemical composition of white cast iron by annealing the resulting solid graphite graphite cast iron floc group. It has a very high plasticity, it is “malleable” Aluminium Die Casting name, in fact, is not forged, but it can be a good bend, elongation up to […]

Injection Molding Process

Injection Molding Process The thought of processing PEEK (polyetheretherketone) or other high-temp resins can send nervous tremors through many a molder’s body.  I know, as a molder who learned the craft on a steady diet of PP and PE closures with their low melt temperatures and cold a plastic molds, my first PEEK experience made […]

Injection Molds

Injection Molds The world has become very dependent upon plastic products. From household items to industry and aerospace, plastic in its many formulations has transformed modern manufacturing and created conveniences and economies unimagined in the early decades of the 20th century. Injection Molds The injection moulding industry took hold in 1946 when James Hendry built […]

Injection Molding Machines

Injection Molding Machines The injection molding process was invented in 1872. Since then, the injection molding business and the plastic industry has ballooned into a multi billion dollar business venture. In fact, thirty two percent of plastics by weight are processed through injection molding. Injection molding has greatly helped in making the US economy boom […]

Plastic Mold

Plastic Mold Plastic has, quite literally, become the cornerstone of our society.  We make so many things from plastic that it is hard to imagine what our lives would be like if it was never invented.  With so many of our everyday products being made of plastic, it is easy to understand why plastic injection […]