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FFP2 Face Masks in China

Olayer, the Pioneers in FFP2 Face Masks in China, Manufacturers and Distributors Worldwide Also Featuring Disposable Face Masks, FFP3 Masks, Infrared Thermometers and other PPE to Support the Health Care Professionals and Individuals in General CHINA – 26th June 2020 – Olayer, the pioneers in FFP2 Face Masks in China are pleased to present their […]

Polycarbonate Injection Molding

Polycarbonates (PC) are a gathering of intense, solid thermoplastic polymers. The atomic structure of these materials gives high solidness, great warm obstruction, and moderately high thickness during handling. In spite of this, polycarbonates are commonly simple to work with by means of embellishment and thermoforming, making them well-known materials for a wide scope of utilizations. […]

What is Overmolding

Overmolding is the way toward including an extra layer of material over a previously existing piece or part. For instance, your item has a screw, which would be a lot simpler for the buyer to turn in the event that it had an additional T-handle. You could attempt to join a T-handle with extra fastens […]

Mechanism Of Plastic Injection Molding

Use of plastic injection molding Plastic injection molding is the most common and widely used method for the mass production of plastic products around the world because of its convenience and ease of use. Plastic products made using this method include plastic chairs and tables, electronic product covers, disposable spoons and knives, and other cutlery […]

Injection Mold Equipment

Mold has been considered one of the most expensive methods to manufacture equipment including metals, glasses, elastomers and confections for the industrial application use. These days molding is a process that is very commonly used to meet the growing requirement of various injection mold equipment that is being used in multi-applications to create many things […]

Master CAM Software

Master CAM Software The Master Cam CAD/CAM suite from CNC Software Inc. comes with many learning tools for getting a shop up to speed with the software. Users can choose to learn on-line, to watch videos or to read at their own pace. And all of the options have been developed by Master Cam programmers and industry […]

How To Buy High Quality Plastic Injection Mold

How To Buy High Quality Plastic Injection Mold There are plenty of injection Mold Company in China, especially gathered in Guangdong province and Zhejiang province. Then how to customize good quality plastic injection mold? How to choose most suitable mold company? Mold flow analysis Before detail mold design, should have mold flow analysis of plastic […]