The injection moulding of plastic parts is a fast-paced business with ever changing requirements. Yesterdays solution might not work tomorrow, or even today!

Few industries have experienced such a dramatic change in such a short amount of time as the injection moulding industry. New materials, global competition, tighter tolerances, and recycling issues are just a few of the pressures facing today’s plastic manufacturer.

First American Plastic Molding Enterprise provides high quality plastic products and services for companies all through the U.S. We offer custom plastic injection molding services that fit approximately any requirement or specification. Our wide customer base trusts us for jobs like multi-shot injection molding, insert molding, injection molding, and assemblies.

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Global injection moulding competition is here to stay

To compete on a global scale, you absolutely must use high-quality plastic injection molding suppliers. Insist on companies that are known for their integrity, with an emphasis on quality and reliable delivery. There are always cheaper sources, but they are much more expensive in the long run.

Here is a resource for plastic molding supplies, seminars, training and more. This is a good source for suppliers of anything to do with plastic molding.

Plastic Mold Design

The proper design of an plastic mold will increase your chance of success in every way. Injection molding is difficult at best, a good 3D injection mold design will give you a solid foundation.

Your mold maker will be confident that the components all fit, the dimensions all work together, and that the mold will ultimately function as it should.

Plastic mold design

The injection molding engineer will have confidence in the injection mold design and the operation of the mold itself. You molder won’t be second guessing the design and it will help him process the parts.

Most of all, your customer will be delighted with a clean, flash-free, dimensionally correct plastic part.

What is important in good injection mold design?

A good design must be practical. The mold maker must be able to produce the components in a logical, orderly manner to make money. Often, close tolerance dimensions are specified when a much looser tolerance could have easily done the job.

  • Take an ejector pin plate, for example. Everyone knows that the thickness is basically irrelevant, but usually the dimension given is a close tolerance size. An experienced toolmaker will just ignore the tolerance and proceed, but nowadays, with the specialization of tasks in the shop, a less skilled operator would waste precious time holding an unreasonable tolerance.

  • The 3D geometry must be clean. The fast pace of mold making today makes it essential to have efficient, reliable software. The days of vague sketches, or toolmakers making up the design as they go are long gone. There are many excellent companies that offer high end software programs for designing molds, dies, and just about any kind of tooling you can imagine.

    CNC machines need clean geometry to run properly. If the design is sloppy and the translation of different software messy, the end result will show it. Plus, the operator will have a much easier time running the programs with clean geometry.

  • The design must be clear in it’s function. It is maddening for a plastic injection mold maker to spend hours deciphering what the designer means. Information that is assumed or omitted can delay the construction by days and cause unnecessary errors. Why should a toolmaker spend time looking up information that was right in front of the designer at one time?

    It is always much easier to include notes or details that show what is required than to search it out later on. Once the design is in process, and the information is available, why not simply give the mold maker the same information? For example, a 3D drawing can visually clarify many questions.

    plastic molds

What about injection mold gate design?

You can learn everything you need to know about injection plastic molds gate design, runner design, mold flow, mold cooling, and much, much more with the Injection Mold Design Tutorial. It is absolutely the best I have ever seen.

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