Plastic Injection Molding Company

For over three decades HAO MOLD have established themselves as a specialist plastic injection moulding company in the Midlands.

The products may have changed since 1974 but the quality of manufacturing and more importantly service levels have continually been improved upon.

HAO MOLD work with a wide range of materials including polycarbonate, polyaectal, ABS, polyolefins, nylons, polyesters and rigid PVC. We also have extensive experience with insert molding.

HAO MOLD are able to supply very short runs of specialist items to hospitals up to mass produced products such as over 8 million rivets for a major car manufacturer annually.

With extensive knowledge throughout 
HAO MOLD are able to offer advice and suggestions on how best to handle new products or ideas. We can handle any enquiry from initial design through to development and final tooling and then onto the final product.

As an add on service we can also offer to assemble basic products before final packaging and delivery.

At HAO MOLD we take our environmental responsibility seriously and we regrind all material on site and reuse in products where permissible. In fact our sister company CNM are the UK’s leading PVC-U recycling company for both post-industrial and post-consumer waste

plastic inection molding company
plastic inection molding company

What we can do?

We have supplied a number of major blue chip companies since 1974 in various markets as diverse as the automotive, building, telecommunications, medical and electronics markets.

The wide variety of mouldings HAO MOLD have produced over the years include; Garden Shear Handles, Rainwater Fittings, Letterbox Surrounds, Telephone Cases, Pharmaceutical Containers, Light Diffusers and Shower Fascias.

A significant number of over mouldings have also been manufactured, such as Pop Rivet Fixings and Safety Critical Items, for Ford, Volvo, Honda and Land Rover.

If you have any products that require injection molding we are more than happy to let our experts advise on the best processes and materials for 
your ideas.

HAO MOLD realise that quality is not just about the product but service too.

We have built the company around first class customer service which is why the majority of our customers are long established, they can trust us to deliver full, on time and not have to wait for the next far eastern shipment to dock.

Based in the Midlands (and being part of the CNM TECH`), we can offer you the latest ideas to make your product the best in the market.