Plastic Molding Mold

This one word is what you want from your Plastic Molding Mold supplier. With experience comes quality and dependability. Our commitment to become ISO 9001:2000 certified in 2003 demonstrates that we want nothing but the best for our customers.

We’ll give you expert service by people who speak your language. Integrated operations between our Stewartstown, PA and Lewiston, MN offices give us the ability to move quickly on your project and supply you with very competitive pricing. Our Management Team has over 100 years of combined experience in the plastics industry.

HYX mold is pursuing ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2003.

We provide all levels of quality plastics inspection. We have specialized equipment like this Ram Optical (ROI).

Our commitment is to inspect and qualify components the way you would if your QA department were in our facility. 

Plastic molding mold
Plastic molding mold

HYX mold’s advanced bar coding system will enable reliable product tracking for both HYX mold and our clients.

HYX mold will provide you with a low cost, high quality plastics product, manufactured to your exact specifications.

HYX mold’s Dedication to Service for In-house mold design, mold making, machining, surface finishing, and assembly make us the preferred choice for your plastic injection molding solutions.

Our Services

HYX mold provides complete Plastic Injection Molding Solutions from product inception to your finished product. HYX mold is proud to be your business partner – to build and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships.

Primary Services: Insert Molding Design & Engineering In-house tool facility Plastic Injection Molding Quality Service Secondary Operations: Ultrasonic Welding Plastic part thread taping Sub assembly construction Pad printing Packaging

HYX mold offers a full tooling supply service. (Plastic Mold & Tooling Design, Metal Stamping Dies, Progressive, Transfer, Single-Hit, etc…) This includes a separate Tool Room for mold building and in-house mold maintainence work. We also have Tempature Controlled Rooms for medical, government and other business segments requiring sterile environments.

HYX mold specializes in plastic injection molding for high run, value added projects.

HYX mold provides a centralized base for communication, service, and competitive pricing. We have in-depth experience of manufacturing capabilities and a thorough knowledge of our customers needs.

HYX mold provides engineers to constantly monitor quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Injection Molding: 40+ presses
Both Horizontal & Vertical Presses
12-245 tons
Insert/Over-molding specialists High performance resins expertise  

1 -120 ton – Nissei 4.6 oz.
1 – 60 ton – Nissei 3.0 oz.
1 – 28 ton – Demag 0.8 oz. 1 – 12 ton – Boy 0.2 oz.
7 – 24 ton – Boy 0.6 & 1.0 oz.
7 – 30 ton – Boy 0.8 & 1.3 oz.
5 – 50 ton – Boy 2.2 & 4.0 oz.
3 – 90 ton – Toyo 5.5 & 7.3
Physical Plant
3 Buildings on-site in PA with 25,000 square feet total area
Over 9,000 additional square feet at the Lewiston, MN facility
Crown Extended Lift – 3,000 lb.
Toyota Fork Lift – 5,000 lb. 3 Air Compressors
Gaylord Platform Scale

Insert Molding

  • 3-4 Station Rotary Autojectors – 30 ton
  • 1-2 Station Shuttle Autojectors – 30 ton
  • 1-12 Station Rotary IPC
  • 2-4 Station Rotary IPC