Plastic Injection Molding Company

For over three decades HAO MOLD have established themselves as a specialist plastic injection moulding company in the Midlands.

The products may have changed since 1974 but the quality of manufacturing and more importantly service levels have continually been improved upon.

HAO MOLD work with a wide range of materials including polycarbonate, polyaectal, ABS, polyolefins, nylons, polyesters and rigid PVC. We also have extensive experience with insert molding.

HAO MOLD are able to supply very short runs of specialist items to hospitals up to mass produced products such as over 8 million rivets for a major car manufacturer annually.

With extensive knowledge throughout 
HAO MOLD are able to offer advice and suggestions on how best to handle new products or ideas. We can handle any enquiry from initial design through to development and final tooling and then onto the final product.

As an add on service we can also offer to assemble basic products before final packaging and delivery.

At HAO MOLD we take our environmental responsibility seriously and we regrind all material on site and reuse in products where permissible. In fact our sister company CNM are the UK’s leading PVC-U recycling company for both post-industrial and post-consumer waste

plastic inection molding company
plastic inection molding company

What we can do?

We have supplied a number of major blue chip companies since 1974 in various markets as diverse as the automotive, building, telecommunications, medical and electronics markets.

The wide variety of mouldings HAO MOLD have produced over the years include; Garden Shear Handles, Rainwater Fittings, Letterbox Surrounds, Telephone Cases, Pharmaceutical Containers, Light Diffusers and Shower Fascias.

A significant number of over mouldings have also been manufactured, such as Pop Rivet Fixings and Safety Critical Items, for Ford, Volvo, Honda and Land Rover.

If you have any products that require injection molding we are more than happy to let our experts advise on the best processes and materials for 
your ideas.

HAO MOLD realise that quality is not just about the product but service too.

We have built the company around first class customer service which is why the majority of our customers are long established, they can trust us to deliver full, on time and not have to wait for the next far eastern shipment to dock.

Based in the Midlands (and being part of the CNM TECH`), we can offer you the latest ideas to make your product the best in the market.

Plastic Molding Mold

This one word is what you want from your Plastic Molding Mold supplier. With experience comes quality and dependability. Our commitment to become ISO 9001:2000 certified in 2003 demonstrates that we want nothing but the best for our customers.

We’ll give you expert service by people who speak your language. Integrated operations between our Stewartstown, PA and Lewiston, MN offices give us the ability to move quickly on your project and supply you with very competitive pricing. Our Management Team has over 100 years of combined experience in the plastics industry.

HYX mold is pursuing ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2003.

We provide all levels of quality plastics inspection. We have specialized equipment like this Ram Optical (ROI).

Our commitment is to inspect and qualify components the way you would if your QA department were in our facility. 

Plastic molding mold
Plastic molding mold

HYX mold’s advanced bar coding system will enable reliable product tracking for both HYX mold and our clients.

HYX mold will provide you with a low cost, high quality plastics product, manufactured to your exact specifications.

HYX mold’s Dedication to Service for In-house mold design, mold making, machining, surface finishing, and assembly make us the preferred choice for your plastic injection molding solutions.

Our Services

HYX mold provides complete Plastic Injection Molding Solutions from product inception to your finished product. HYX mold is proud to be your business partner – to build and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships.

Primary Services: Insert Molding Design & Engineering In-house tool facility Plastic Injection Molding Quality Service Secondary Operations: Ultrasonic Welding Plastic part thread taping Sub assembly construction Pad printing Packaging

HYX mold offers a full tooling supply service. (Plastic Mold & Tooling Design, Metal Stamping Dies, Progressive, Transfer, Single-Hit, etc…) This includes a separate Tool Room for mold building and in-house mold maintainence work. We also have Tempature Controlled Rooms for medical, government and other business segments requiring sterile environments.

HYX mold specializes in plastic injection molding for high run, value added projects.

HYX mold provides a centralized base for communication, service, and competitive pricing. We have in-depth experience of manufacturing capabilities and a thorough knowledge of our customers needs.

HYX mold provides engineers to constantly monitor quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Injection Molding: 40+ presses
Both Horizontal & Vertical Presses
12-245 tons
Insert/Over-molding specialists High performance resins expertise  

1 -120 ton – Nissei 4.6 oz.
1 – 60 ton – Nissei 3.0 oz.
1 – 28 ton – Demag 0.8 oz. 1 – 12 ton – Boy 0.2 oz.
7 – 24 ton – Boy 0.6 & 1.0 oz.
7 – 30 ton – Boy 0.8 & 1.3 oz.
5 – 50 ton – Boy 2.2 & 4.0 oz.
3 – 90 ton – Toyo 5.5 & 7.3
Physical Plant
3 Buildings on-site in PA with 25,000 square feet total area
Over 9,000 additional square feet at the Lewiston, MN facility
Crown Extended Lift – 3,000 lb.
Toyota Fork Lift – 5,000 lb. 3 Air Compressors
Gaylord Platform Scale

Insert Molding

  • 3-4 Station Rotary Autojectors – 30 ton
  • 1-2 Station Shuttle Autojectors – 30 ton
  • 1-12 Station Rotary IPC
  • 2-4 Station Rotary IPC

Injection Molding Service

HYX mld Founded in 1999 by Mike Zheng, offer injection molding service, plastic mold making, electronics engineer.

Privately held, low-overhead company with 40 employees.

Financially strong – low debt & positive cash flow.

Specialists in high performance resins, insert molding and electronic enclosures.

Manufacturing plants located in Pennsylvania & Minnesota.

Over 34,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity.

Complete design engineering, tooling and production capability.

A special note about a few of the numerous contributions to the Plastics Industry by our Founder, Howard Ysteboe:
Our founder Howard Ysteboe, is credited with being the founder the local Susquehanna Section of Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE). Mr. Ysteboe also helped found the Peoples Republic of China and Taiwan Sections of SPE. Mr. Ysteboe served as the second Vice President of the SPE nationally and served as the National Treasurer. A section of the November 2001 newsletter was dedicated in memory to the legendary contributions that Howard has made to the Plastics Industry.

The Society of Plastics Engineers organization has a scholarship program to honor the contributions of Howard’s many years of service. China continues to carry on those attributes to further develop the plastics industry.

Injection Molding Services:

Injection molding China offers clamp tonnage ranging from 12 to 245 tons, with shot sizes ranging from 1.2 to 10.5 ounces…

Plastic Mold Operation:

Plastic Mold China provides unlimited run sizes (prototype through high volume production). Standard injection molding, insert molding, overmolding. China is also accomplished in running engineered thermoplastics with melt temperatures ranging up to 750 degrees F with a wide variety of fillers, reinforcements, additives, and colorants.
Molds can be hand operated, semi automatic or fully automatic.
Hand operated molds require an operator to physically remove the mold from the press and disassemble it to remove the molded part. They are used for very small quantities (1 – 500 parts) or parts that have undercuts, threads or other complicated features.
Semi automatic molds are typically mounted in the press and require an operator only to perform a specific operation of the cycle (i.e., remove a core, place an insert, remove the part from an undercut).
Fully Automatic molds run with no operator. They may utilize a variety of mechanical devices to facilitate part removal such as mold sweeps, air blasts, spare pickers or robots. They may contain core pulls, cams to remove undercuts, multiple plates, hot runner or insulated runner systems, unscrewing devices or any number of devices and techniques to improve efficiency.
• 3 -4 Station Rotary Autojectors – 30 ton
• 1 – 2 Station Shuttle Autojectors – 30 ton
• 1 -12 Station Rotary IPC
• 2 – 4 Station Rotary IPC
Insert molding on standard horizontal injection molding equipment
• Unit mold concept for quick turn around tooling
• Over molding of cables – strain relief’s
• Insert molding of precision contacts
• (2) Hurco CNC knee mills
• Hurco Hawk 5 CNC knee mill
• Hurco BMC 30 CNC Machining Center
• Webb Lathe
• Webb Knee mill
• (2) Mitsui surface grinders
• Chevalier Surface grinder
• Mitsubishi EDM
• ISO 9001:2000 certification process underway
• Fast/Accurate First Article Inspections
• Sophisticated measuring tools calibrated to NIST
o Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
o Optical RAM
• Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
• Statistical Process Control (SPC)
• Design of Experiment (DOE)

Injection Mold Equipment

Mold has been considered one of the most expensive methods to manufacture equipment including metals, glasses, elastomers and confections for the industrial application use. These days molding is a process that is very commonly used to meet the growing requirement of various injection mold equipment that is being used in multi-applications to create many things such as bottle caps, pocket combs, wire spools, parts of numerous musical instruments, chairs and tables etc. The one and only disadvantage of this overall process is the demand of heavy cost equipment investment, potentially high running costs, and the need to design moldable parts.

There are very few injection mold companies, which are major putting collective efforts to manufacture high end metallic parts by utilizing injection molding machines consist of a material hopper, an injection ram or screw-type plunger, and a heating unit. These are called presses in which the components are designed or carved. It will be rated by tonnage, which expresses the amount of clamping force that the machine can exert. This force keeps the mold closed during the injection process. It’s an emerging mold making company which is promoting the use of most recent injection molding technology and systems, which can be integrated seamlessly into the machines. To grow with the industry norms and making products of high utility to create an image around the world with outstanding reliability, universal application and individually adaptable high-end technical solutions. 

Injection moulding
Injection moulding

With repeatedly setting benchmarks by initiating precision in manufacturing systems and solutions for the specialized industry usage in mold making, most of the companies are rendering their key focus on producing extremely innovative quality parts registering superior design capabilities for various purposes. Injection moulding of plastic is also becoming integral with time to help various industries grow and materials such as polystyrene, nylon, polypropylene and polythene, which can be used in a process called injection moulding. These are thermoplastics – this means when they are heated and then pressured in a mould they can be formed into different shapes. For the companies which produce, quality management system is very crucial to produce standard and precise products. Essentially injection molding is used for create a variety of parts, like plastic milk cartons, containers, bottle caps, automotive dashboards, pocket combs, and most other plastic products available today. Injection molding is the most common method of part manufacture. Injection molding is a cyclic process that is an on-going activity for manufacturing parts for a number of purposes.

How To Buy High Quality Plastic Injection Mold

How To Buy High Quality Plastic Injection Mold

There are plenty of injection Mold Company in China, especially gathered in Guangdong province and Zhejiang province. Then how to customize good quality plastic injection mold? How to choose most suitable mold company?

Mold flow analysis

Before detail mold design, should have mold flow analysis of plastic part. By analyzing material flow direction and path route, check whether injection gate reasonable or not, or there is any flowing imbalance or other problems.

Professional Plastic mold design

Mold design is the basic, also it is the first important item for mold manufacturing. It must be reasonable, based on exact plastic part’s requirement, then to have the most appropriate design. For example, PVC injection molding, if plastic part small, better to use valve gate system or submarine gate. For large PVC part with thick wall, then better to use fan-shaped gate type.

Mold tooling

Good quality injection mold related to precision mold tooling. For example, medical syringe barrel mold, it has strictly requirement of mold core part’s verticality, almost there is no demolding angle, as require sealing the best between barrel and gasket. Here best to use Japanese brand Sodick precision wire cutting machine, mold dimension can be controlled within 0.005mm. Additional, Fidia three axis high speed CNC machine from Italy, Agie Charmilles EDM machine from Switzerland, are most suitable for tooling high precision plastic mold for medical plastic parts, packaging parts and automotive parts. When you hesitate to choose which mold company, to check their tooling equipments first.

plastic mold company

plastic mold company

Mold installation

After all above items smooth finished, then comes to labor works. Mold assembling and installation should be done carefully, workers should pay attention to this part, make sure every spare part has been assembled and in most suited location without any damage. Also make sure under safety condition.

Mold adjusting and testing

If injection mold have any problem, then it can be directly reflected on plastic parts. Mold testing is important, as custom plastic mold company and client will have fully understand, then know how to fix the mold or next. So at first, all related auxiliary equipments should be well installed, like air blow system, water cooling system, etc. Check its reliability, then add plastic material to test the mold. At the same time, injection molding condition should be suitable.

Mold maintenance

Suitable maintenance of injection mold is important. This will prolong mold life time, also you may have the idea of this plastic mold company, how their attitude of the mold manufacturing. go to to know more about plastic molds and mouldings

Thermoplastic injection molding

Thermoplastic injection molding

ST. construction of moulds for plastic materials, technical and sports articles. We specialise in the construction of mono-injection and bi-injection moulds in aluminium and steel for any type of plastic product. We have a workshop with 10 high quality workcentres with 3, 4 and 5 axes, and various CAD-CAM stations for designing mouldst. The largest tecnology for moulds plastic materials.

Moulds for plastic materials
Unique prototypes, perfectly finished, made with high quality materials for guaranteed long-life, with high-tech design solutions starting from the drawing or mathematical model of the final product supplied by the customer, SI.MEC’s technical office develops the mould project, in constant co-operation with the customer, offering the solutions most suitable for the specific characteristics: in this phase, the creativity and experience of the technicians integrate with the use of constantly evolving software.

ST group moulds- custom plastic injection molding service company in China
solutions for designing and making mouldsThanks to the on-going innovation of the software programs we use, we can pin-point the best solutions for designing and making moulds. Our technical office is always ready to adopt new solutions to satisfy the customer.

We are presenting some of our projects, achieved with renewed creativity, with the tiniest details taken care of, by controlling all process stages of the production of thermoplastic injection molding.

Plastic moulds parts
Unique prototypes, perfectly finished, made with high quality materials for guaranteed long-life.

A wide range of products and moulds for the plastic material industry like:

plastic mold partsElectroerosion for moulds for plastic material
Pallet changes
Mould adaptation
Sandblasting and assembly
Plastic mould parts

the molding company
Injection moulds
Co-injection moulds
Manufacturer of plastic moulds
Plastic moulding

Plastic Molding Manufacturing
Injection mould
Moulds design
Moulds manufacturing

plastic molding company
Thermo plastic moulds
Moulds for plastic
Plastic materials for technical and sport articles
For further information about Thermoplastic plastic molding plase go to the

Prototype And Mold Design

Prototype And Mold Design

Usually, the new designed products aren’t perfect, even can’t use. before make plastic mold the prototype is the first step to verify the feasibility, is the most effective way to find out the lacking, defects and drawbacks of the designed products. Prototyping usually is just making several samples, and the delivery is fast, cost is low, and more important is we can quickly find and improve the designed products, which provides a sufficient basis for stereotypes and mass production.
1, Test appearance design. Prototyping is not only visual, but also in touch, and you can reflects the designer’s creativity in kind intuitively, which can avoid the abuse of“Beautiful design but not beautiful products”.

2, Test the design structure. As the prototyping is assembly, so it can reflects the rationality of the structure and Installation of the products intuitively

3,  Avoid the risk of directly plastic injection mould making

4,  Make the product available much earlier. As the prototyping is in advance, you can prepare for publicize, earlier sale, produce the products use the prototyping before the mould making is finished, in order to dominate the market as soon as possible

What We Can Do?

Our company as a medium-sized factory for plastic products and Plastic injection mold design, mould making, plastic moulding and assembly, also is famous in china in prototyping factory. In the early stage of our factory, we are mainly focusing on rapid prototyping and mould making. Now, we can provide plastic prototyping, silicon prototyping and metal prototyping. According to the requirements of the customers, we are mainly use SLA/SLS and CNC prototyping.

Our Advantages:

1 Lower cost and higher quality than other places

2 Fast delivery as we equipped with advanced machines

3 Experienced as our operators are all have more than five years’ experience

4 Production methods are optional as we can provide two choice: SLA/SLS and CNC.

5 Material sundry, you can choose plastic prototyping( mainly use plastic), silicon prototyping(mainly use silicon) and metal prototyping ( mainly use Aluminum-magnesium alloy and other Metallic materials)

6 We can provide signal or several prototyping products

7 System management in all links.

Plastic Mold Design Service

Our company is equipped with professional designers, using of advanced design software and provide free design services for customers. Only tell us your idea, we can provide the perfect product design and mould design. As equipped with two professional plastic products and plastic mold designers, we can provide any products and injection mould design service according to the needs of customers. And we can convert design drawings into different file formats according to customer requirements to help customers to preview. Of course, as a serious company, we will strictly try our best to protect client’s intellectual property.

Our Advantages of Design Service:

1,  Low cost and even no cost sometimes

2,  Convenient Communication. All our designers are in good English skills, including speaking, writing and listening.
3,  Advanced skills with the advanced design software
4,  Experienced as all the designers are of over 5 years of design and practice experience
5,  Fast delivery as we have professional skills, advanced software, experienced and convenient communication which improves the efficiency and shortens the design time
6,  Many kinds of file formats, we can provide many kinds of file formats for the design drawing according the customers’ requirements.
7,  It is combination of theory and practice. When we design, we will comprehensive consideration of aesthetic and practical, economic and operational.
8,  Strictly Confidential. We will absolutely strict protection of customer data and intellectual property.
9,  Perfect Service. We provide not only design service, but also provide prototyping cost,plastic mold cost and Injection molding cost.
10,  Customer Satisfaction. We have clients worldwide, and if necessary, they can give you a reference. go to injection molding wikipieda to know more by

Plastic Injection Molding In China

Plastic Injection Molding In China

Plastic injection molding in China is at a high level of expertise in comparison with other Asian countries. Taiwan also has much better working conditions, environmental regulations and worker relations than most it’s neighbors.
Government policies that have enabled the plastics industry to develop in a free-market manner. This has enabled the plastic injection molding industry to develop to a high technical level. The open market nature has given fair competition the ability to bring in high end jobs and industries.

What are some advantages of China injection molding manufacturers?

  • Decades of industrial growth and stability without destroying the environment
  • Safe and healthy working conditions for the employees. Taiwan has a long history or good human rights relations which reflects in it’s labor laws.
  • For the environment. Industry has cooperated with the government to keep the island clean and relatively unpolluted
  • Costs are generally one-third less than those of the USA. This means you can receive high quality at reduced prices.
  • Thermoplastic injection molds, thermosetting molds, and custom molds of all types have developed to a high level of expertise.
  • No history of human rights abuse

    Plastic Molding company & Plastic Molds

    Plastic molding Company | Plastic molds

What are some industries China specializes in?

China has an excellent relationship with the US, Europe and Japan because of it’s political and economic system. This has enabled the island country to attract leading aerospace, automotive, electronics, computer, and small appliance companies.
How can you find a reliable plastic injection molding company in China? A good place to begin your search is here One of the top companies in Taiwan for thermoset molding is Longzu Plastic Molding Company They have been in business for over 40 years, which is a lifetime in plastics.

How to make plastic injection mold

How to make plastic injection mold

The process of making a plastic injection mould consist of determining what should be the size of
the mold, designing the mold, ordering required materials for the design, creating a rough shape, heating the mold, precision machining, wire cutting, polishing and fitting and trial of the mold.

Step 1: Determining the size of the plastic injection mold.

This process is not hard and does not require a lot of time. The end product, the plastic shape, determines the size of the mold.

Step2: Designing the mold.

Computer CAD design is used to draw the design. First set a 2 dimension layout and make sure you have all the mold
design features marked such as the size of the mold, parting line, the layout of the cavities are all set. Note the information that will be needed such as the mechanical design and the accessories that will be used.

After the two dimension layout made is satisfying and all information is noted make a
detailed 3D design. This will require programming skills to create. It may take some time to complete the designing with regards to the complexity of the mold.After the first 3D design is made it is necessary to assess any need for adjustments and the flow of the mold.

Step 3: Ordering the required molding material

After your design drawing is completed its time to order the required material. This may include desire steel, cutting tools and plastic part samples.

Step 4: Creating a rough shape of the plastic molds

Sizing of the steel then milling and drilling comprises this step. Make the desired steel shape and drill the holes needed as per the design in a rough work machine. Leave polishing and smoothing for later.

Step 5: Heating the mold

Heating is done as a form of treatment after creating the rough shape to harden and balance the created steel shape. Not every type of steel may need heating, an example, the P20.

Step 6: Precision machining.

Precision machining works slower due to the hardened steel properties but will get the design dimension created as per the design drawing.

Step 7: Wire cutting and EDM

Wire cutting is a process where special holes are made in to the design. These holes include pin holes for the ejector, for the lifters and the inserters. EDM helps work on narrow spaces which cannot be machined easily or where the space is too small for the cutting tool to get in.

Step 8: Polishing and fitting
polishing and fitting the created mold in to the mold maker machine follows.
The mold maker machine will collect all parts put into it and will follow the
design drawing to make the finished plastic mold. When the machine work is done further
polishing and engraving follows to complete the design.

Step 9: Trying the mold.

After the mold is created it will be good to try if it will work for the desired plastic shapes. The mode is installed in the plastic injection molding machine and injection parameters are set to work on the plastic samples acquired. If the mold is good enough for the job, well and good, the mold creation process is complete. You can now proceed to create the desired plastic products or sell the design to another company.

Injection Molding Process

Injection Molding Process

The thought of processing PEEK (polyetheretherketone) or other high-temp resins can send nervous tremors through many a molder’s body.  I know, as a molder who learned the craft on a steady diet of PP and PE closures with their low melt temperatures and cold a plastic molds, my first PEEK experience made me edgy to say the least.  But I’ve since come to realize that PEEK is just another thermoplastic resin and, like the others, can be molded safely and efficiently with just a few precautions.

PEEK is widely believed to be one of the highest performing thermoplastics on the market and its end properties more than justify any trials and tribulations you may encounter processing it. PEEK is a linear aromatic, semi-crystalline thermoplastic having excellent wear, chemical and hydrolysis resistance. It has very low flame/smoke toxicity and excellent electrical properties that preclude the need for additives in many cases.

PEEK processes at a high melt temperature nearing 720°F, and both the press barrel and controls must be capable of this. On many plastic molding machines the high heat software is an option and I recommend ceramic high-temp heat bands whenever possible. A special screw and barrel are generally not needed, but consider hard units if running filled PEEK resins. We typically use sliding ring non-return valves, GP or Eliminator™ tips and don’t recommend ball checks or shutoff nozzles.

A hot mold is the key to achieving crystallinity in PEEK parts. Purging PEEK allows you to see the color change from a translucent to a solid colored crystalline state. If the mold is too “cold” (i.e. not hot enough) the parts will have that discoloration or partial translucency, and the quality of the end product will be compromised. The mold, in most cases, must be between 350°F and 450°F. This is steel temperature and requires oil or cartridge heat to maintain this level. Complex parts may require better temperature control so oil would be the preferred option. We also recommend the use of thermocouples to verify and monitor the steel temperature.Plastic Mould & Plastic Molds

These plastic molds must be specifically designed to run high-temp materials with draft, finish, undercuts and steel types all factored in from the beginning. Insulator plates between press platen and mold clamp plates are a must. The preferred steel type would depend on whether or not the resin uses any abrasive fillers but should have a minimum hardness of 52-54 Rc.

The resin also must be very dry to process well and achieve the desired end properties. This means that the resin must be at 0.02% moisture or below. We typically recommend drying the resin at 300°F for at least 3 hours. We also suggest the use of a moisture analyzer to assure dryness.

PEEK can be quite costly, but you should be able to use 30% dry first-pass regrind with unfilled PEEK and 10% with filled PEEK.

Safety should be a primary consideration when molding PEEK, both for purging and while working with the mold. Wear safety glasses and/or a face shield, Kevlar or Kevlar/stainless steel sleeves, and heavy cotton cloves when purging and reaching into the mold.

When preparing for your PEEK experience, research it well with your resin supplier. The above information is based on my experience, but it should used as a reference only. Also, make sure you don’t neglect recognized scientific principles when working with any thermoplastic material. With a bit of common molding sense, your PEEK experience can and should be a rewarding one. click here to get more detail about plastic molds and plastic molding technology.