Injection Molding Service

HYX mld Founded in 1999 by Mike Zheng, offer injection molding service, plastic mold making, electronics engineer.

Privately held, low-overhead company with 40 employees.

Financially strong – low debt & positive cash flow.

Specialists in high performance resins, insert molding and electronic enclosures.

Manufacturing plants located in Pennsylvania & Minnesota.

Over 34,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity.

Complete design engineering, tooling and production capability.

A special note about a few of the numerous contributions to the Plastics Industry by our Founder, Howard Ysteboe:
Our founder Howard Ysteboe, is credited with being the founder the local Susquehanna Section of Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE). Mr. Ysteboe also helped found the Peoples Republic of China and Taiwan Sections of SPE. Mr. Ysteboe served as the second Vice President of the SPE nationally and served as the National Treasurer. A section of the November 2001 newsletter was dedicated in memory to the legendary contributions that Howard has made to the Plastics Industry.

The Society of Plastics Engineers organization has a scholarship program to honor the contributions of Howard’s many years of service. China continues to carry on those attributes to further develop the plastics industry.

Injection Molding Services:

Injection molding China offers clamp tonnage ranging from 12 to 245 tons, with shot sizes ranging from 1.2 to 10.5 ounces…

Plastic Mold Operation:

Plastic Mold China provides unlimited run sizes (prototype through high volume production). Standard injection molding, insert molding, overmolding. China is also accomplished in running engineered thermoplastics with melt temperatures ranging up to 750 degrees F with a wide variety of fillers, reinforcements, additives, and colorants.
Molds can be hand operated, semi automatic or fully automatic.
Hand operated molds require an operator to physically remove the mold from the press and disassemble it to remove the molded part. They are used for very small quantities (1 – 500 parts) or parts that have undercuts, threads or other complicated features.
Semi automatic molds are typically mounted in the press and require an operator only to perform a specific operation of the cycle (i.e., remove a core, place an insert, remove the part from an undercut).
Fully Automatic molds run with no operator. They may utilize a variety of mechanical devices to facilitate part removal such as mold sweeps, air blasts, spare pickers or robots. They may contain core pulls, cams to remove undercuts, multiple plates, hot runner or insulated runner systems, unscrewing devices or any number of devices and techniques to improve efficiency.
• 3 -4 Station Rotary Autojectors – 30 ton
• 1 – 2 Station Shuttle Autojectors – 30 ton
• 1 -12 Station Rotary IPC
• 2 – 4 Station Rotary IPC
Insert molding on standard horizontal injection molding equipment
• Unit mold concept for quick turn around tooling
• Over molding of cables – strain relief’s
• Insert molding of precision contacts
• (2) Hurco CNC knee mills
• Hurco Hawk 5 CNC knee mill
• Hurco BMC 30 CNC Machining Center
• Webb Lathe
• Webb Knee mill
• (2) Mitsui surface grinders
• Chevalier Surface grinder
• Mitsubishi EDM
• ISO 9001:2000 certification process underway
• Fast/Accurate First Article Inspections
• Sophisticated measuring tools calibrated to NIST
o Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
o Optical RAM
• Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
• Statistical Process Control (SPC)
• Design of Experiment (DOE)

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